All About Us

It all started about 8 months ago when we decided that due to circumstances, not necessarily in our control, that this stay at home mom of 12 years needed to go back to work...

I tried substitute teaching which I loved once I got there, but I absolutely hated leaving before my third grader left for school. Then, in the afternoon I couldn't stand 'not' hearing about the events of the day, as my middle and high schoolers walked in the door after school. So, I started looking for stay at home opportunities on the web.

The Dumas Family

I found a lot out there. Many seemed like get rich quick scams, others just didn't fit for me. I did come across some great websites however, that were produced by other women in circumstances like me that were making it work for them. That is, they were working from home in businesses that they could mostly monitor on their computers.

One such websites is by Tina Jacks. She, like many others, needed to find work at home. On the internet when she started there weren't many resources or places to look for opportunities, thus her business was born. She now not only has been a great resource to me personally regarding 'the how tos' of owning & starting your own business, but for countless others, faciliates a great database of businesses looking for people to work out of their homes.

Though I did not get a job through her database, her example, as a woman entrepreneur, has been an inspiration to me. Other such websites are by Kim Rowley, and a personal friend of mine Melody at All women I greatly admine using their creativity and talents to care for their families in emotional, physical and financial ways all within feet of their very own family rooms.

Why 'Puzzles' you might ask? Well, our family loves puzzles!!! we had stayed up until 2:00am finishing a difficult jigsaw puzzle that we had been working on when the idea to start 'Positively Puzzled' was born. Within 6 weeks, 'Positively Puzzled' was an idea that became reality.

The foundation of my mission is to help my family financially, be home with my 4 children and care for their needs, and to offer services and products that contribute to the betterment of children & families.

For us, we make jigsaw puzzles out of our favorite photos, pictures, artwork, scrapbook page, etc. We love puzzles!! And we can speak for the positive influence they are for children, adults & families.

Thank you for visiting our web site and we hope your first visit to 'Positively Puzzled' will make you want to come back and send us your treasured photos!

See You Again Soon!

Kim Dumas, Positively Puzzled