King Of The Aztecs Online Slots with 20 Paylines

This online slots game is based on the tribal Aztec people that lived in Mexico in the 14th century. King of Aztecs is filled with colourful tribal signs and symbols, and this is one of the very few online games that have the King himself, in a 3D figurine, cheering you on from the side line as you play this game. Tribal music will set the mood as you explore the game for yourself.

The Aztecs tribe is in danger and you have to collect a whole range of items in order to drive out the evil spirits. You have to collect a whole series of birds, skulls and lizards amongst other things in order to make a magic tonic to save the tribe.

King of Aztecs is an action packed online game with very few frills. Most of the action happens in the game itself with possibilities of rewarding winning s and no additional bonus screens.

King Of The Aztecs Wild and Scatter Symbols

This is a 5 reel online game with 20 paylines and promising winnings.

King of the Aztecs also has Wild reels, where reels on a vertical level, 3 at a time, can turn into a Wild symbol with a stone looking finish, resulting in big winnings. The Wild symbol can replace any other symbol in that reel, as long as the given reel does not have more than 1 Scatter symbol as part of it.

The Aztec King also represents the Scatter symbol in this game. If you manage to land 3, 4 or 5 of these in one reel, your winnings will amount to 2 times, 10 times or 200 times the total amount you have bet.

Best Paying Symbols

The King of the Aztecs logo is the best paying symbol in this game. If you manage to land 5 of these logos in one line the winnings will reach up to 500 coins, 4 logos will yield winnings of 200 coins and 3 logos will pay you 100 coins. King of the Aztecs allows you to land more than one 5 line logos at a time, and should you get it right to integrate this with the expanding Wild symbols, you will score big winnings in this game.

The next best thing to the King of the Aztecs logo is the skulls symbol. If you manage to get 5 of these skulls in a row you have just scored yourself 200 coins, the bird will offer you 120 coins for 5, and the green lizard will pay you 120 for 5 of these symbols.

Interface of the Game

King of the Aztecs is set up in such a way that you will find your way around the game quite easy. Like online casino Dubai, this game has balance tab at the top right corner of the screen that assists in easily tracking your coin balance throughout the game.

The auto spin function also comes in handy as you can choose the amount of spins it must run for before the game reverts back to its original manual spin function.  You can also see how many auto spin rounds are let. King of the Aztecs also has a pay table tab where you can see how the winnings structure of the game is set out, and how much your returns will be on certain types of winnings.