All About Aces and Faces Online Video Poker

The original video poker machines, still seen in many casinos, may look archaic by modern standards, taking up way too much unnecessary space and having large, clumsy buttons. These machines have been modified, and today rarely pay out real money, which was the expected norm in days of old. In fact, casinos were not casinos unless ringing with the sounds of coins cascading into metal buckets. But times have changed, and pokies machines are now more often then not designed to payout to electronic cards. Today, with online gambling sweeping the world, video poker is played by many online, via laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. The basic rules of poker are still followed, but many additions to the standard formula set apart from its origins.

Aces and Faces in Detail

The aces and faces video poker rule means that all hands that involve face cards, jack, queen and king, plus any ace card, payout higher then any other hand of poker. For example, a hand such as three kings and two aces will have an exponentially greater value, and have a much higher payout then three kings and a pair of tens.  This rule gives the video poker experience a new angle, and encourages players to focus on obtaining certain cards. The aces and faces rule is sometimes played in conjunction with other rules, such as deuces wild, which adds the advantage that high value hands are easier to create.

Aces and Faces Video Poker Details

Additional Video Poker Rules

Like some changes are observed in today’s online pokies, over the years video poker has had various additional rules added, which has allowed the game to become a new experience all of its own. The most popular rules include the jacks or better, deuces wild, and multi hand rules. Jacks or Better means that the player has to have a hand of at least a pair or jacks to be paid out. Deuces wild allows for all two cards in the game to be treated as wild cards. Multi hand allows the user to have several hands running simultaneously, with a chance to win on each hand. Another additional rule is the aces and faces rule, which is popular with many online video poker players.

Real Play and Free Play

Modern video poker, including varieties using the Aces and Faces rule, can be played online for real money, or for free if the player simply wishes to practice. If wishing to play for free, this can be done on mobile phone, tablet, laptop and home computer. If playing on a mobile phone or tablet simply download the application, wait for it to install, and open the game by tapping its icon. When the game opens an option mat be presented to play for free, and should be selected. Otherwise, opening a game without being logged into an active account should grant free virtual currency. If wanting to play for free on a home computer or laptop, simply search for a video poker game, and open it directly in the browser. The game will load, and will generally grant free virtual currency. If wanting to play for real money on any platform, an account will have to be created, and funds deposited into the account.