Call Of Fruity Online Slot Described for Casino Players

So apart from the screamingly hilarious pun in the title, this slot actually has not got too much of a fixed theme. Clearly based on a combination of the classic fruit machines and the popular Call of Duty first person shooter series, this still enables the developers some experimentation room. Design and layout wise this is a very colourful and basic slot, with the symbols and backdrop not really adopting an overall coherence but still creating a fun experience.

With the betting, Barcrest games have gone with their favourite combination of 10 fixed pay lines and an adjustable line stake. This offers simple to follow betting and a fairly broad range for the players. As far as bonuses are concerned, Call of Fruity slot has included some real gems. These include Wilds, several pick’em bonuses and even a single free spin feature, which adds reels of Wilds during the spin.

Theme Design and Specific Symbols on the Reels

Call of Fruity slot is definitely more than a pun and some reels and, whilst the combat references are not subtle, the design and layout of the reels and the rest of it makes the atmosphere quite a colourful and fun one. The army fitted symbols are gearing up on these reels and with the help of some interesting sound effects, especially the army calls after bonuses are triggered, this makes for an exciting spin.

As far as symbol specifics go there are several fruity soldiers on the reels, including melons, lemons and more. The bonus symbols are also of a similar trend and to make up the lower wins Barcrest games included some themed playing card symbols. These come resplendent with army taggings. Players can experience this slot on desktop and mobile device like placing the Kennedy Oaks bets in Australia.

Call Of Fruity Slot Theme

Fruity Soldier Bonuses with this Slot Online

Everyone likes a good theme, but neglect bonus features over it and players might just struggle to find the wins. Fortunately Barcrest games have a good habit of filling their slots with some interesting and robust bonus features. The first on Call of Fruity slot game’s list is the Wild symbol which can switch out for other pay table icons and help to form winning combinations.

Next up are the bonus games and their respective symbols. The first of these is the pineapple grenade symbol and can trigger a brief pick’me game that enables players to pick one of the hit symbols to reveal a total bet multiplier. This bonus also may lead to an additional bombsite bonus which is also another pick’em game where players select a bunker and then have a choice of either keeping the prize or picking again.

The bonus is referred to as the flyby bonus. Triggered through the plane symbol this game enables just the one free spin, however during this spin the middle 3 reels all turn completely Wild, and so that one spin can lead to many wins.