An Introduction to Playing at Bingo Sites in the UK

Bingo has become an enormously popular game in the UK, and the game generally consists of fifteen numbers arranged in a total of seventeen boxes, which run three rows across and nine columns down. This is different from American bingo, where the fifteen numbers are arranged in rows and columns of five. In UK bingo, there are five numbers in each row. The first column contains the numbers one to nine, the next column contains numbers ten to nineteen, and this continues until column nine, which has numbers eighty to ninety. UK bingo, then, is commonly referred to as ninety-ball bingo, and the best UK online bingo sites will offer this game.

Winning Methods

Traditionally, the best bingo sites will also offer players three different ways of winning. These are termed as ‘One Line’, ‘Two Lines’, or ‘Full House’. When a single line has all five numbers, this will denote a One Line win. This will continue until a player has two lines of numbers with all the winning ones, and this will denote a Two Lines win. The Full House winner is the one who has all fifteen numbers using the whole bingo ticket. While traditionally the calling of numbers is done by the Bingo Caller, this is computerised and automated for the best UK online bingo sites.

The Graphics of Play

The best UK online bingo sites also offer the best in game play software, graphics, and animations. As bingo is so popular in the UK, the quality of the online game is of a high standard. Sub-standard graphics and gaming experiences should not be tolerated as there are many sites that place an emphasis on superior quality.

In addition to graphics and gaming software, this superior quality will usually also include social interaction, and many of the best UK online bingo sites will have the addition of chat communities or chat rooms that their players may make use of. These chat rooms supplement the online bingo games to give players a similar experience to land-based bingo community halls, enabling them to chat to other players and form friendships with other bingo enthusiasts from all over the world.

Internet Bingo Graphics

The Other Games and Bonuses

Even though ninety-ball bingo games are the standard UK bingo games, the best UK sites will offer a variety of other bingo games. These may include seventy five ball bingo or eighty ball bingo, which are simple variants of the game.

However, there are also numerous other variants and modern hybrid games, which are popular on the best UK online bingo sites. These other types of bingo games may include speed bingo, chat bingo games, multi-player bingo games, bingo slots, progressive jackpot bingo games, and pre-set jackpot bingo games. All of these games ensure that bingo players always have something new to look forward to.

Like bonuses in the Cricket World Cup bets, in addition to other games, the best UK online bingo sites also offer various bonuses that come with favourable wagering requirements. These bonus offers allow players to enjoy more bingo games and can increase a player’s chances of winning, if the wagering requirements and terms and conditions are not too stringent.