How Do Casino Welcome Bonuses Work?

In the world of online casinos, casino welcome bonuses are a way to reward players who are new to a particular site. If a player has never visited a site before, it is not uncommon for an online casino to offer them some sort of incentive for registering with their site and playing in their online casino.

Casino welcome bonuses can include many different things for the player, including free money to gamble with at the casino, extra bonuses towards the money they win at the casino, and other prizes for the players to use.

A Welcome Bonuses Example

The first example of what a player might be given for casino welcome bonuses is the following. As a new player, the player is entitled to $2,000 in deposit bonuses. In addition to the $2,000 in deposit bonuses, they are also given a $25 no deposit bonus as a free added value.

This first example might be something a player would want to take advantage of if they are interested in playing slots at a certain online casino. The stats for this bonus might include a one hundred percent bonus with a maximum bonus of one thousand dollars. The play through for this bonus could be something like twenty eight times.

Play Through Requirements

Play through requirements is something that is very common when dealing with casino welcome bonuses. How it works with play through requirements is the initial deposit amount must be wagered a certain number of times before the player is able to take their money and deposit it in the bank or take it out of the online casino.

The multiple that is used for the play through can vary from casino to casino and even from bonus offer to bonus offer.

Let’s take a look at this example. Assume that there’s an online casino that offers a player a welcome bonus with a play through requirement of fifteen times.

That means that the player has to wager and play that casino’s games to the value of fifteen times what their initial deposit amount was. Until they do that, they cannot take out the money that they have won and put it into their bank.

Say they put one thousand dollars into their casino account and the bonus they receive from the casino is one hundred percent of that initial one thousand dollars that they deposited.

This then gives them a grand total of two thousand dollars with which to play. Once the player has started playing, they would have to place bets to the amount of fifteen thousand dollars before they are going to be able to take their winnings and cash out of the casino. You’re sure to find a solid casino welcome bonus when you try out some of the best online pokies has on offer these days.

Why There Are Play Through Requirements?

The reason a casino might place a play through requirement on a welcome bonus is very simple. They are trying to cover the risk they are taking by offering free money to people who are visiting their casino for the first time.

There are players who simply sign on to have fun in casinos, and those people don’t tend to spend money. It does not make sense to give people who have no intention of spending money at said establishment money for free.