eSports Betting on Gaming Tournaments Review

eSports Betting has recently grown into a major industry, and many sites have been developed in order to cater to the new market. eSports themselves refer to competitive video game events and tournaments, where selected teams and individuals compete in order to win the tournament at hand and their fair share of the prize pool.

For bettors, the results of these tournaments can prove to be profitable too. Read on for the most recent results of major tournaments like the ESL One Cologne 2016, the League of Legends 2016 World Championship Series, and the Dota 2 International tournament.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive 2016 Results

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is known as the 2015 winner at the eSports betting sites Game of the Year Award at the prestigious Game Awards. The ESL Online Cologne 2016 tournament was the final tournament in 2016 for this game, and was hosted from 5 to 10 July in Cologne, Germany.

Team SK Gaming took first place this year, earning $500,000 of the total $1 million prize pool. This is SK Gaming’s second consecutive win at the event. In 2016, SK Gaming won best of 3 against Team Liquid, winning on Train and Cobblestone at 16-7 and 16-6, respectively.

League of Legends World Championship Results

The League of Legends 2016 World Championship Series will take place in late September this year. In 2016, the World Championship Series was held throughout October, culminating in the finals on the 31st of the month.

The first place title was won by SK Telecom T1, who became the first ever 2-time winner of the event. SK Telecom T1 beat the Korean team KOO Tigers 3 to 1. The first place winners claimed a prize of $1 million, followed by $250,000 for second-place winners, the KOO Tigers.

The International 2016 Results

The International is Dota 2’s dedicated eSports tournament. Held in Seattle’s KeyArena, the event began on August 8 and continued to August 13 of 2016.

In 2016, the first-place title for The International was won by Wings Gaming, who claimed a $9.1 million prize from a prize pool in excess of $20 million. This prize pool is the largest in eSports history so far. Wings Gaming beat the North American runner-up team DC 3 to 1.

Starcraft 2 World Championship Results

The Starcraft 2 2016 World Championship is set to be hosted in September this year, with events held in North America, Korea and Europe.

The 2015 World Championship Series Global Finals were won by Korean team sOs, who beat the runner-up team Life to the title. sOs claimed prize money of $100,000 for their win from a prize pool of over $245,000 in total. The total prize money for all the Starcraft 2 Championship events throughout 2015 exceeded $1.6 million.

Overwatch Atlantic Showdown 2016 Results

ESL hosted their 2016 Overwatch Atlantic Showdown tournament on the weekend of 20 and 21 August. The event offered a total prize pool of $100,000 and was hosted in Cologne along with several other major ESL tournaments.

Team Rogue beat REUNITED 3 to 1, winning a prize of $40,000 for the French and Swedish competitors. Runners-up REUNITED claimed a $20,000 second place prize.