A Review & Guide to Gemix Slot for New Players Online

Gemix is an online slot title from Play N Go. It is a great looking game that resembles hit titles like Bejeweled and Candy Crush. The game features a selection of coloured gems that appear on screen. You need to match up five of those gems in order for those gems to disappear.

The gems can be matched vertically or horizontally for them to be destroyed but not horizontally. When the gems explode the reels collapse, letting the gems above them drop down for what is essentially a free spin.

The game takes place on a seven by seven grid and features 8 different coloured gems. The wagers you place in Gemix are done with coins. The coin’s values can be adjusted. Each coin can be adjusted between $0.01 and $10 with a maximum bet that can be made of $100.

The Different Worlds of Gemix

A unique feature of Gemix is the three different worlds you can play on. These worlds appear after a set number of wins on each world. The Miner World is where the gems in Gemix come from. This world features its own unique wild symbol. The wild is represented by the Miner’s Lamp. In this world random wilds will drop down from the top of the grid and take up positions in the reels.

The Princess World takes place above ground. In This world the wilds are expanding wilds. The pink wild symbol will spread from one edge to the other when it lands on the reels giving you great opportunities for big wins. The Wizard World is the third and final world.

It is set in the hidden forest where the Gemix wizard lives. In this world the wild is represented by the Wizard’s spell book. These wilds appear in random positions on the reels but remain in play until you move to a different world.

The Gemix Symbols

Gemix has 8 different coloured symbols like some slots available at onlineslots.com.sg. A Yellow Star, Red Heart and Purple Moon are the highest valued symbols that can pay between 100 and 500 coins each.

The Orange Flower, Green Pentagon and Purple Square pay a maximum of between 7.5 coins and 50 coins. The lowest value symbols are the Blue Triangle and Blue Rectangle.

The Crystal Charge Bonus Features

On screen you will see the Crystal Charge meter. This meter will light up whenever you match five gems. 20 matched symbols will fill up the meter and release one of four special effects. The first effect that can be triggered is Nova Blast. This effect picks a random symbol. All symbols of this kind are destroyed and new gens drop down to fill their place. The Crystal Warp effect picks one symbol and transforms it into the most common symbol on the reels.

The Light Beam effect fires a light beam vertically and horizontally. All symbols touched by the beam transforms into matching symbols. Chain Lightning is the final effect. It picks two symbols in each corner and transforms the symbols horizontally into matching symbols. You can also double charge the Crystal Charge meter by matching 40 or more symbols. When you do, all your wins become multiplied by three.