How To Play Bingo

Bingo is what is referred to as a lottery casino game, also known as a no skills casino game. This is because there is literally nothing the player can do to increase their chances of winning. This does not mean, however, that there is no chance of winning at the game, since many casinos have implemented bonus systems whereby a player may walk away with at least some prize, if not the jackpot prize.

At its core bingo is about purchasing a bingo ticket, which will have numbers arranged on it in a grid pattern. Once the ticket has been bought the player must wait until draw time, where upon numbers will be selected at random by a computer program. In days of old, of course, the numbers were selected by an announcer, normally of the attractive persuasion. The player must mark the called numbers on their ticket, should those numbers appear. If the marked numbers for an adjacent sequence of five, that player is the winner of the jackpot. Modern online bingo jackpots are normally rather generous, but not in a life changing fashion.

Bonus Numbers

Many modern casinos have a bonus number system. This involves one of the numbers on the player’s ticket being marked with a special symbol. If that number is called the player will receive a prize, regardless if the number falls into a wining sequence.

Depending on the casino there may even be more then one bonus number, with prize values varying depending on the type of bonus used. These prizes can range from free spins on slot games, to instant cash, and any other bonus a casino cares to offer. Note that a player may get bonus number awarded plus the jackpot, depending on how lucky they are.

Low Sequence Prizes

Some versions of the game will give smaller prizes for three or four numbers in a sequence, instead of the required five that grants the jackpot prize. This again depends on the casino in question and the type of games they have organised. Remember to check the rules carefully for any game you would like to participate in, as there is nothing worse then having a prize and not collecting it due to misunderstanding the rules.

Online Bingo

With the technology revolution sweeping across the world, many, if not all casino games may now be played online. These games are often offered for free, using virtual money, but with real money options always available. Online versions of Canadian casino games always follow the core rules of every game one hundred percent, but are notorious for adding rules that make the games far more generous to players. This is because online casinos have comparatively much lower overhead costs, allowing the companies to be more generous with payouts.

If interested in finding an online version of your favourite casino game, simply do a search for it via a search engine such as Google. Results are basically guaranteed, with only a simple account creation process required before the games may be played. Remember to only play at licensed online casinos.