How USA Players Deposit Online Casino Money

One of the first questions asked by players in the USA when they find out they can play slots, table games, and other games for real money at an online casino is how they can make a deposit.

There are several ways to deposit online casino money, and some of the most widely used include credit cards, e-wallets, and prepaid cards. The method chosen by a player depends on the player’s circumstances.

Things to Check Before Depositing

Before depositing so much as a cent of online casino money, players need to check that it is safe to do so. Players in the USA must never forget that their safety and security is important, especially given the huge amount of Internet fraud that takes place on a daily basis.

The first thing to check is whether or not the casino at which they intend to play is licensed and regulated. A licensed online casino is a legal casino, which means it operates according to the standards and requirements set by the licensing authority.

Another thing to check before depositing online casino money is that the casino is regulated. Regulation is important, because it means that a third party has certified the random number generator used to produce game results is fair and accurate.

It also means that payouts and payout reports have been verified, that player support is readily available, and that players have somewhere to turn if a dispute arises between them and the casino.

A third thing to check before depositing online casino money is that the casino’s banking service is protected from interference and fraudulent activity. Most casinos use data encryption technology to secure their banking service.

Credit Cards and Online Casino Deposits

Major brand credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard can be used to deposit online casino money. Most casinos recommended here require players, or at least give them the option, to register their card with the casino.

Registering a card means that some of its details are stored in the player’s casino account, which saves time when making deposits. The security code printed on the back of the card is never stored, and players will need to submit it when making a deposit as a means of authorising the transaction.

While most real money online casinos do charge a small processing fee, the bank that issued the card will not charge extra interest. The only interest charged is the regular interest on balances brought forward.

e-Wallets and Casino Deposits

e-Wallets are many USA players’ preferred method of depositing online casino money. An e-wallet is an account created at an e-wallet service provider’s website, and linked to the player’s bank account or credit card.

Once the accounts are linked, players can transfer money from their bank account or card to their e-wallet. When the money reflects in the e-wallet balance, they can go to the casino’s banking page and make a deposit.

Prepaid Cards and Online Casino Deposits

Prepaid cards used to make online casino money deposits are usually bought from vendors in stores and news agents. Players can pay for the card using cash, a debit card, or credit card.

The card comes with a PIN number, and is loaded with an amount of the player’s choosing.

The card should be treated as cash, as anyone who finds it can use it for their own ends. Players enter the PIN number when making a deposit at an online casino.