Microgaming Jackpots Online Slot Review

All About Microgaming Jackpots

Microgaming is an online slot game giant, having created some of the most popular and successful slot games currently available to Pilipino players. Their creations are known for not only boasting exceptional graphics and amazing soundtracks, but also for being linked to extremely influential franchises, including Thor, Batman, and even Jurassic Park. To out it another way; Microgaming is shaping the world of online slot games, and will likely do so for many years to come.

One of the things that make Microgaming slot games stand apart is their highly unique game play designs, which put new spins on old formulas. From Super Bet systems to adjustable Bonus Sliders, you never know what you’ll get with a Microgaming slot experience, and this innovation is what has kept the company ahead of the curve. Plus, Microgaming jackpots are also notoriously generous, drawing players from all walks of life and tempting them with the promise of some serious cash.

Progressive Versus Standard

If you’ve spent any time playing slot games you’ll know the difference between a progressive Microgaming jackpots system, and a standard Microgaming jackpot system. For those Pilipino folk unaware, let us explain. A progressive jackpot is generally a life changing sum of money, somewhere in the millions, or even tens of millions. In order to win a progressive jackpot, however, one must be lucky and persistent in equal measures. Progressive jackpots are not won often, but when they are won, they change a life forever.

Standard Microgaming Jackpots are a more modest sum of money, but are far more likely to be won. How the jackpot is triggered varies depending on the game, but will usually consist of matching the jackpot symbol on the centre row. Other factors may also be required, such as having all betting lines active, or betting the maximum amount for the wining spin. Exact specifics will be mentioned in the game’s play table.

Microgaming Classics

Those Pilipino players new to Australia online pokies slots will want to check out a few Microgaming classics, all of which feature Microgaming jackpots, either progressive or standard. The most commonly played game is the already mentioned Jurassic Park, which takes its design choices from the blockbuster movie. With dinosaurs galore and appearances from the film’s cast, it is an outstanding game.

Another extremely popular franchise, featuring a standard Microgaming jackpots system, is the Thunderstruck series. Borrowing heavily from Norse mythology, and featuring none other than Thor himself, the Thunderstruck games have a passionate following. But don’t forget that the sinister Loki is also part of Thor’s universe, and will be making his own appearance on the reels.

Game of Thrones is an immensely popular television phenomenon, and Microgaming has created the slot version of this epic franchise. The graphics of the game are outstanding, and those familiar with the Game of Thrones universe are in for a special treat. A standard Microgaming jackpots system is used, so those who prefer a progressive jackpot system will be disappointed. The game is still, however, a must play title for both veteran and enthusiast Pilipino slot game player.