Microgaming progressive jackpots reviews

Information on Microgaming Progressive Jackpots

Microgaming progressive jackpots are linked across all Microgaming casinos in the network and grow with every player playing the respective games. There is no way to tell when a player will win a progressive jackpot but any player, anywhere can win including those in the Philippines.

The Microgaming network is a rather large one which means the progressive jackpot amounts can be large too. A large portion of these progressive jackpots amount to seven digit figures but many Microgaming progressive jackpots accumulate quickly and pay out relatively often so there is no guarantee of how big the jackpot amount will be when won.

Microgaming progressive jackpots are displayed on the respective casino games and regardless of the amount displayed in one currency, many will not convert but rather pay out that same displayed amount in the respective currency. This means that progressive jackpot winners in the Philippines who might have been playing in Philippine Peso or US$ will be paid out the progressive jackpot in Philippine Peso or US$.

Progressive Microgaming Online Casino Games

While most Microgaming progressive jackpots are associated with online slot games they are not exclusive to them and can be won playing other types of online casino games by Microgaming. These include Roulette Royale where the progressive jackpot is won by having five of the same numbers land consecutively and Caribbean Five Draw Poker where the progressive jackpot is won with a royal flush hand initially being dealt in conjunction with a side bonus bet.

One of the most notorious Microgaming progressive jackpots belongs to the progressive slot game Mega Moolah. This is the most prestigious jackpot that amounts to massive sums of money as it is pooled and won over a variety of different slot games. Many other progressive slots from Microgaming contribute large wins to random players and are associated with all types of Microgaming slots from three reel classics to five reel video slots.

How Microgaming Progressive Jackpots Are Won

Microgaming progressive jackpots start out as a specific amount and grow continuously. There is no limit to how big a progressive jackpot can get. Philippine players have as much chance as anyone else to win a progressive jackpot as they are won completely randomly. Random number generators govern the outcome of when a progressive jackpot is won. It is an exact moment in time that makes a player the lucky winner.

Each of the Microgaming progressive jackpots associated with specific casino games has a different way in which the jackpot is won. Some are won at any random moment but others may require players to have played the maximum bet, to spin a specific symbol combination or to hold a specific hand of cards.

Some may have bonus games which must be triggered to qualify for winning the progressive jackpot and others may have more than one jackpot amount which needs a specific goal to be attained to win the respective jackpot amount.

Whatever the requirement is, it is still governed by a random number generator. Microgaming is a trusted software developer with regularly tested random number generators that are proven to provide fair results.