A Guide To No Deposit Bingo for New Players

Bingo is a fun and simple to learn game that can be found online as well with the advent of Online Bingo games. Many casino and gaming sites include bingo in their library of games. As it is part of the rest of their gaming library, many casinos require a deposit to be able to play these bingo titles.

The deposit is structured as part of their joining fee. You can however find free no deposit bingo games online. Many sites offer these games and allow players to play with free or real money.

The History Of Bingo

Bingo become very popular in America during the forties and is still a very popular past time. The growth of free no deposit online bingo games have cemented it as part of the American gaming landscape. The game was first introduced to America in 1920 by Hugh J. Ward. He popularized it in carnivals around Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania.

It was further developed by Edwin Lowe into the game we know today in 1929. Before this, a bingo style game can be traced back to 1530 in Italy titled Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia, which developed into the French game, Le Lotto in 1778.

How To Play Free No Deposit Bingo

Bingo is a game of chance, similar to a lottery where randomly drawn numbers are matched to a 5×5 grid. There are a variety of ways to determine winners using these lottery cards. It can be as simple as getting a number in each column, which will be marked by the letters B, I, N, G, and O.

Wins can even be determined by creating a specific pattern on the sheet, for instance horizontal or diagonal lines or small four digit squares.

Random Number Generators And Bingo Software

The best free no deposit online bingo Games use a Random Number Generator, just like online slot games. This generator generates the bingo numbers that would usually be drawn mechanically. It is best to play bingo on sites that have been certified by a gambling authority. It is also helpful to look out for sites that receive an independent audit on their Random Number Generating software.

Many sites feature a lot of variations on free no deposit bingo games that are available.

U-Pick Em bingo is a bingo variant where players mark numbers of their choice, almost like a lottery. Players then hope that their numbers will be picked. Often this is a standard Bingo variant in many places. Quick Shot Bingo is where players get a sealed bingo card that has numbers randomly selected for them. This is also a very common form of Bingo that is popular for its quick play and simplicity. Bonanza Bingo is a Bingo variant where a high number of balls are pre drawn and the players simply match the numbers to their cards.

Often these Bingo Bonanza games employ a progressive style jackpot prize, where the longer people take to achieve a bingo, the higher the jackpot becomes. Horse racing bingo is a fast paced and exciting bingo variant where players are issued a random number from a group, sometimes between one and fifteen. Numbers then get drawn and players “race” to be the first to complete a bingo column. Prizes are then divided into a first, second etc grouping.