Review of 5xMagic Classic Slot Machine Game for Online Players

In the world of online and mobile slot machine games, there are many different styles. 5xMagic from Play n Go is in the traditional, classic style. Featuring only three reels and five paylines, this slot machine game has absolutely no extra bonus features. Aiming instead to concentrate on giving an authentic traditional feel, this slot offers a jackpot and a wild and that’s pretty much it. The minimum stakes in 5xMagic is a modest .25 and goes all the way up to 5 coins. It is important to note that the jackpot can only be won when betting the maximum of 5 coins.

5xMagic Mobile

5xMagic is not only a desktop based slot machine game, but can also be enjoyed on a mobile device too like other Australian pokies online. Supported by both Android and iOS, this game can be found across a wide range of devices, smart phones and tablets. To find the game, simply go into your app store, or your web browser, and search for it by name.

A number of options will come up, both online based casinos and independent apps. If you choose to play the game via an app, it will have to be downloaded and stored in your devices memory. Should you choose to use the browser and an online casino, you will not have to save anything but will have to log on each and every time you wish to play.

5xMagic is available to be played for both real and free money, and there will be separate apps for each of these. Should you wish to play for real money, you will be required to create an account and maybe provide proof of identity before being able to deposit any money. This is a normal procedure and should not cause undue alarm.

5xMagic Symbols and Features

Being a traditional slot machine game, 5xMagic’s symbols reflect this. Found on the reels are the mix or Bars, a top hat and a magician. The 5x symbol acts as the games wild and jackpot symbol.

This symbol has five different jackpots attached to it, depending on where in the reels it is found. It also acts as the games multiplier, multiplying your winnings by five times. This is increased to a pretty massive twenty five times payout boost whenever a player gets two of these jackpot symbols helping to form a winning combination.

To activate this symbol you have to find three or more of them across the reels on an active payline. It is recommended that a player has as many active paylines in play as possible to increase their chances of spinning this symbol and accessing its jackpots.

The last feature of 5xMagic is the Scatter symbol in the form of a top hat. This does not work like the scatters that you are accustomed to which trigger bonus rounds. This scatter simply awards a special scatter payout to the player if you find two or three of them anywhere in view on the reels.