Review On Casinos In Singapore

Land Based Casinos in Singapore

Singapore is a relatively small island-based Asian country that imposes strict laws around casino gaming; this is why Singapore is home to just 2 land-based casinos. However, both of these casinos in Singapore have featured on lists of the world’s top 10 largest casinos, with the others on the list mainly located in Macau, another casino gaming metropolis.

Due to this, Singapore is considered to be one of the largest casino gaming countries in the world based on the revenue generated by its 2 land-based casinos, the largest of which is the Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino.

Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino

The Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino fronts the Marina Bay in Singapore. The resort consists of both a casino and a hotel, as well as a variety of other amenities for guests. Marina Bay Sands was the first integrated resort to be built in Singapore, and the resort is considered to be the most expensive standalone casino ever built.

The Marina Bay Sands Resort opened officially during June of 2010, but a Grand Opening that spanned several days was held later in February of 2011.

The Hotel, Casino and Resort Attractions

The hotel at Marina Bay Sands offers over 2,560 rooms and suites, as well as a 120,000 square metre convention centre. Guests at the resort can enjoy an in-house mall, a museum, 2 separate theatres, 7 unique fine dining restaurants owned by celebrity chefs, a pair of floating crystal pavilions, an ice skating rink, and the world’s biggest atrium casino.

The Marina Bay Sands Casino is the larger of the 2 casinos in Singapore, and contains over 1,600 slot machines and a selection of 500 casino game tables. Some of the other attractions that visitors to the casino can view are the resort’s 340-metre SkyPark and the 150-metre Marina Bay Sands infinity pool.

Resorts World Sentosa Casino and Resort

The Resorts World Sentosa Casino and Resort is the second of the casinos in Singapore, as well as the second integrated casino resort to be built in the country. The resort is situated on the island of Sentosa, a small area located just off the island of Singapore, and is billed as the third most expensive building to ever be constructed.

At Resorts World Sentosa, visitors will find the casino, a Universal Studios theme park, the Adventure Cove Water Park and the Marine Life Park, the world’s biggest oceanarium. The grand opening of the resort was held in December of 2012, just a year after that of the Marina Bay Sands Resort.

The Resorts World Casino and Attractions

The Resorts World Sentosa Casino is located just under the Crockfords Tower Hotel, one of four hotels at the resort. Spanning 15,000 square metres and open 24/7, Singaporean citizens are required by law to purchase a day pass or a yearly membership in order to play at the casino. Tourists from other countries can enter the casino by providing their passports or proof of employment.

Aside from the casino, some of the other amenities at Resorts World Sentosa include 5 fine dining restaurants, the Resorts World Galleria of Luxury Fashion, the Equarius Hotel and the Beach Villas. Activities are offered in the form of spas and salons, the Marine Life Park and the Maritime Experiential Museum.