The Magically Inclined Spellcast Slot Game Online

The developers involved with this slot game are NetEnt and with their years of experience the art of slot development is rather refined by now. In the case of this Spellcast slot game this may not be all too evident at first however the simpler graphics and symbols involved do create an atmosphere on the reels and with the gameplay and features involved these actually make for quite an inviting atmosphere all told. Otherwise the theme in this game is that of witchcraft and wizardry and includes nods to all sorts of forms of magic including the potion making, wand wielding and long grey beard kinds.

The theme takes on a rather light hearted atmosphere in the end and makes for some easy sinning on the reels. Entailed in the reels setup are 5 individual reels, a set of 20 pay lines and of course a wide selection of themed symbols. The setup of this game is of a NetEnt design so players can expect to be quite well catered to. With the theme what it is it would be rather criminal not to include a few bonus features of the mesmerising kind. Within this Spellcast slot this includes the rewarding free spins feature and Wild symbol, nothing too dramatic but with definite appeal.

The Wizard’s View of the Spellcast Theme

Judging from the symbols on the reels and the backdrop set to them in this Spellcast lucky nugget casino game it looks almost like a slightly dated wizard and magic video game of some sort, with a good number of recognisable characters and features involved in the display. This makes the game rather nostalgic as well as still bright and cheerful in its own unique way. The sound effects accompany the general scope of the theme on the reels, being rather subtle but with a magically inclined presence to it. Ultimately though it is those thematic soldiers the symbols on the reels that serve the theme choice the most prominently.

These symbols include the likes of wands, spell books and tomes, flasks of golden potions and even the famously long grey bearded wizard known for his expertise in the arcane arts. The playing cards symbols that NetEnt are quite fond of for their slot games also makes an appearance on this Spellcast slot game’s reels. These symbols appear as bright golden caricatures of themselves plastered against a grey bricked wall. The overall effect is not exactly mesmerising but pleasant.

Spellcast Slot’s Free Spins and Wild Bonuses

The two bonus features involved in this Spellcast slot game are the free spins feature and the fairly popular Wild symbol addition. The latter symbol can take on the appearance of other game symbols after it lands and through this helps to form more wins on the reels for the players. This symbol initially comes in the form of the aforementioned wizard symbol. The free spins is the crystal ball symbol and in this NetEnt slot game it can award players with 15 free spins along with a 3 times multiplier which in conjunction with each other makes for quite a package on the reels of this Spellcast slot game.