Crusade of Fortune Online Slot in Review for Gamblers

Myths, legends and fantasies are a fun way to engage in the fictitious whilst still remaining on the whole rather practical. They allow us to explore wild and untamed lands, encounter all manner of creature, both friend and foe, and all the while allowing us to flex our imaginations in a fun and expansive way. With this Crusade of Fortune slot game from NetEnt the result displayed on the reels is certainly one that would fall under this genre of gaming, portraying a slightly dark and immersive atmosphere on the reels, with the symbol thereon playing equally significant roles in detailing the factor of this theme choice. Overall this slot appears quite representable.

Setup and play for these sorts of NetEnt slot games are relatively easy to grasp and the result is the same with this Crusade of Fortune game. On the screen players will find a set of 5 reels accompanied by 20 pay lines through which to possible score winning combinations. Once players have picked their betting preferences, of which there are quite a few options, they can then rather immediately begin spinning for prizes. Whilst the base game of this slot is rather entertaining, it is the bonuses that really take the metaphorical cake. These include a themed bonus game feature, some rather appealing Wild symbols and even a free spins feature.

Themed Exploration into Fantasy Experiences in Slots

Creating and setting up such a theme as the one found in this Crusade of Fortune slot game can reap some rather visual benefits. First off it does give the developers a degree of carte blanche because at the end of the day most fantasy themes are just that, fantasy, and as a result don’t really need to adhere to any fixed principles. In terms of specifics regarding this slot atmosphere and experience, players will quickly realise that the game’s colour scheme comprises largely of the colour red, with the backdrop to the symbols on the reels being a swirling pit of fire and red mist. The graphics of this Crusade of Fortune slot from NetEnt are also pretty decent, making not just the effects appear more visceral but also the static objects like the symbols on the reels.

Crusade of Fortune Slot Symbols

Speaking of symbols and how they relate to this slot game’s theme and overall presentation, the overall experience is quite pleasant. On the reels players will find all manner of orcs, Minotaur, assassins and more, including large and rather unwieldy but certainly threatening weapons. On top of the swirling red smoke and fire backdrop these symbols really pop out of the screen.

This RPG Slot’s Bonus Features Installed

There are actually a couple of features accompanying this Crusade of Fortune slot theme experience. These include a Wild symbol which has the uncanny ability to become other symbols on the reels when necessary to form more combinations. The bonus game of this slot is triggered through the bonus symbols and players are then given an opportunity to battle an Orc, beating him wins the biggest prize of this feature. Players will also find that this NetEnt slot comes with a free spins feature which makes the whole haul look rather appealing.