The Low-Down On Gods Of Giza Slot

Developed by Genesis Software, this four reel, 25 pay line online slot machine delivers a refreshing escape from other slots that feature five reels. It does not boast a progressive jackpot and although the ultimate prize only consists of 250 coins, the game is still rewarding and provides for much-needed online entertainment for online players.

The Gods of Giza Slot, released mid-2015, is perfect for high rollers and beginners and offers coin values ranging from the minimal 0.01-coin value to a maximum 10-coin value.  Like similar slots created by Genesis Software, this game also boasts a wild, a scatter, a multiplier and free spins. Featuring no bonus games, players need not get discouraged to try their luck on these reels as the game rewards with entertainment value and frequent pay-outs, as well as other popular slot characteristics found in games created by Genesis Software.

The layout is sleek and simple, with its overall simplicity allowing players to focus more on the overall theme without distractions. As the game’s title suggests, the Gods of Giza Slot transports players back in time to Egypt, to the Pyramids of Giza. Stone-like reels, which lay atop Egyptian rock drawings, are adorned with themed symbols ranging from gods, Egyptian queens and pharaohs, among other predominant figures of that time.

A Different Reel Grid For a Unique Experience

Slot fans find much pleasure and fun in playing on a slot game that boasts four reels as they do slots which boast five reels. And while many slot players have tried five-reel slot games, for those who have never played on four reels, there are one or two benefits to this kind of real money online slot.

Games boasting four reels are generally narrower in layout and appearance that makes them more suitable for playing on mobiles or screens, which possess slimmer interfaces. Secondly, slots with four reel grids do something else that five feel grids do not. What makes this simple game interesting is when a player finds three scatter symbols on the reels.

A total of eight free spins are awarded, but now is where things get turned upside down. Unlike normal free spins in other slot games that spin from top to bottom, with the four reels in the Gods of Giza slot, they spin completely different. The whole reel grid is rotated, with every spin rotating the spins 90 degrees in one direction. At the end of the free spins, the reel grid returns back to normal. Basically, 360-degree action occurs with the free spins. Although the rotation does not affect the wins per say, it offers something new to look at.

Try Your Luck On These Reels

Trying your luck on these reels with certainly reward players with this game boasting a RTP of 96.12 percent. Players can try their luck and play this game in many modes from instant mode, download mode, free money mode, real money mode, manual mode or auto play mode. Many online casino websites offer this slot machine game, while many technological devices are compatible with the Gods of Giza slot.