Understanding Online Slots Review

Slots are the world’s favourite casino entertainment for good reason and there are hundreds, if not thousands of these reel spinning games available online. Captivating fast-paced and easy to understand, slots keep players enthralled and promise big payouts whenever a winning combination is lined up.

With such a vast selection of slots available online it is a good idea that Canadian players familiarise themselves with the different types of entertainment on offer and know exactly what type of game they are about to embark on.

Classic Reel Slots

The first slot machines comprised of 3 mechanical reels that spun until they ground to a halt and lined up a combination of symbols. Matching symbols would make you a winner and lining up 3 of a kind resulted in a payout or prize. Although online slots are now computerised, any game with 3 reels is considered to be a classic. Many players confuse classic reel slots with video slots but there are several differences including the number of reels and paylines. Although 3 reel slots may sound simple they offer many advantages and players who love quick returns will find these games especially rewarding. Fruit machine-style slots are also considered to be classic slots as they are also a take on the original form of the game.

Video Slots

Video slots are amongst the most popular online and generally have 5 reels and anything from 1 to 100 or more paylines, or feature the Ways to Win format. Players must place Line Bets and choose the number of paylines they wish to activate, and in many cases you can opt for the max bet option to wager the largest amount. Characterised by their amazing graphics, cinematic effects, innovative bonus rounds and superb soundtracks, video slots are often based on popular movies or characters such as Batman, Terminator or The Incredible Hulk.

MegaSpin Slots

MegaSpin slot games have taken this type of entertainment to a whole new level and players are able to enjoy spinning the reels in more than one game at a time. Often up to 9 games can be played at once and all you need to do is set up how many coins you wish to wager and hit spin, and all the games will be played at once. MegaSpin slots are usually 3 reel games but you may find 5 reel options too and the winning potential these games offer is simply astounding.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

The big daddy of australian slots games, progressive jackpot slots are renowned for making players instant millionaires. Featuring an accumulative jackpot that is networked across the web, every time a player places a bet a percentage of it is added to the prize. The jackpot continues to grow with every second that passes and when one lucky player manages to line up a winning combination or trigger it randomly, the jackpot pays out in its entirety. Some progressive jackpots are tiered and there are different sized options that add up as more and more players join in the fun.

Now that you understand a little more about what online slots have to offer you can choose the style that suits you and start playing online for fun or real money.