The Wildcat Canyon Slot Game

The Wildcat Canyon slot game is a creation of Next Gen games. It is a well loved slot experience with many fans, but is starting to see its age as the years tick by. The focus of the game is on a rather abrasive character referred to only as the Wildcat, who seems to spend his days doing nothing but terrorising the other animals. He makes many appearances on the reels and is always beneficial to the player, but is probably not an animal one would like to meet in real life.

The graphics of the Wildcat Canyon slot game are expertly realised, with plenty of high definition images that give life to the many cartoon-ish animals. The Wildcat himself, a nasty feline who seems to have spent far too much time in the gym, is especially well drawn. The only noticeable drawback is that there is a distinct lack of animation to the characters, with all having barely any movement. This is where it is obvious that the game is a few years old. In terms of playability, however, the Wildcat Canyon slot game is still a classic.

Symbols In More Detail

All the animals are in a perpetual state of fright, apparently aware that the Wildcat is on the prowl. The animal that should have the least fear due to having wings, the vulture, is the most valuable symbol in the game. Match him the maximum of five times and watch the cash flow. He is followed by the goat, the second most valuable symbol in the game, and the snake, who is the least valuable picture symbol. Where is the wildcat? Don’t you worry, he’s coming later.

The lowest value standard symbols are the traditional 9, 10, jack, queen and king of playing cards. It must be said that these old clichés hardly fit the theme, and it’s a shame Next Gen couldn’t at least have made the symbols designs fit with the rest of the online gambling in Canada.

Wildcat Bonuses

The bonus systems are where the Wildcat makes an appearance. He is the wild symbol in the Wildcat Canyon slot game, and so will match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence. Watch out though, occasionally the wildcat will leap onto the reels and maul a symbol, transforming it into an extra wild. Bad news for the animal being mauled, good news for the player who will surely benefit.

The paw print is the scatter symbol in the Wild Car Canyon slot game. Match this symbol three times and an option will be given. The player may select to have either 5, 10, or 15 free spins, with wins multiplied by 3, 5, or 10 times, respectively. This freedom of choice is one of the reasons that the game is still so popular, and certainly can’t be denied that each of the choices is extremely generous. Do keep in mind though that during free spins the Wildcat will no longer add wilds to the reels. It seems that during free spins his savage feline spirit is calmed.