Cazino Zeppelin Online Slots Review

Cazino Zeppelin Slots by Yggdrasil Gaming is set high in the skies during the 1930s, when the flying air machines known as Zeppelins were the newest and most innovative form of luxury travel. If it hadn’t been for the Hindenburg disaster in 1937, these majestic marvels of the air might still be around today, but you can still experience a little piece of history with Cazino Zeppelin.

The feeling of this online slot is undeniably steampunk. Steampunk is described as a subgenre of science fiction or fantasy where design and technology of 19th century Victorian Era, or even sometimes the Wild West in the United States, is incorporated into the setting of a sort of apocalyptic aftermath. Steam power is often the preferred mode of transportation, and airships are featured heavily. It’s the perfect setting for Cazino Zeppelin.

The art style in this online slot is a great fit. The use of gilded bronze and silver gives a feeling of the old west while the ornate flowered patterns used in the background are a throwback to the Victorian era. The reel background features an old, smoky city scape, reminiscent of London during the post industrial revolution.

Cazino Zeppelin Reel Symbols

There are a total of nine symbols in this thrilling top online casino nz game – four high value, four low value and a scatter. The first high value symbol is a gentleman dressed in green throwing dice. The second high value symbol is a gambler holding four aces. The third high value symbol is a gentleman in a darby hat, smoking a pipe and holding a large wad of cash. The final high value symbol, which also serves as the wild, is a harlequin woman with bright blue hair, a jesters hat and face paint. She can be substituted for any of the other symbols except for the scatter.

The four lower value symbols include a spade, a heart, a diamond and a club. The final symbol, the scatter, is a gold and white casino chip that says “Free Spins.”

Bonus Features

Cazino Zeppelin has two bonus features which players can utitilise. Both of them have a connection to the free spin round.

In order to win a free spin round, the player must get at least three of the gold and white casino chip that says “Free Spins.”

If the player gets 3 free spin chips, they are given 10 free spins. If the player gets 4 free spin chips, they are given 15 free spins. If the player gets 5 free spin chips, they are given 20 free spins.

When a player enters a free spin round, any wilds that come up on the reel will stay fixed in that position for the rest of the round. These are known as sticky wilds.

Also, any wilds which the player gets in a base spin that then triggers a free spin will stay for the entire round of the free spin.

What’s more, if the player gets at least one of the blue-haired harlequin wild cards on all 5 of the reels during the free spin round, the player is awarded with an additional 5 free spins.